About me

Can I help with design or print? Yes I can!

My name is Rahima Peerani and I am freelance graphic and digital content designer based in London, UK.

I have worked with a variety of clients across a wide breadth of industries such as finance, food, jewellery, hotels, medical, gaming, education and beauty. Because of this, I know how to tailor my skills to clients needs seamlessly.

I take pride in my designs, and I relish discovering something new. I enjoy the research, creating, as well as the implementation.

I do, however, adore the opportunities to win a customer on my ‘wild card’. I refer this to the design that pushes the clients boundaries and spectrum of the brief. However, if I have read the business, the person, the ethos correctly, then it becomes the best design they never thought of.

My secret love is food. I manage an Instagram account to showcase my culinary skills only to find a growing community of like minded foodies! A great way to relax for me is to experiment with textures, tastes and find clever solutions to everyday chef dramas.